sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


Out of all the tears I've cried, it's the ones you caused the ones that hurt the most

viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

Bumper Stickers

Just once, when I tell you "I'm fine" I wish you'd turn me around and say "tell the truth"

When I look at you and smile and you ask "what" I just want to lean over, kiss you and tell you how much I adore you 

Just because she comes off strong doesn't mean she didn't fall asleep crying and even though she acts like evrything is fine maybe, just maybe she is just really good at lying.

Just when I thought nothing good was going to happen... You came into my life 

I'd do anything to fall asleep with you

I want to spend forever in your arms

jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

BumperStickers (aka BS)

  • A best friend is someone who when you tell them your biggest secret, doesn't say anything, hugs you, wipes your tears and never says anything.
  • Love is when you miss him even before you part, when you could listen to him talk all night and never get tired of hearing his voice, when the sound of his name will bring a smile to your face and closing your eyes will send chills down your spine.
  • I don't forgive people because I'm weak I forgive them because I'm strong enough to know that people make mistakes.
  • Always make your absence felt in such a way that somebody misses you but don't let your absence be so long that somebody starts learning to live without you.
  • Have you ever thought, just maybe, that you belong with me?
  • There's a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, it's not giving up it's realizing you don't need certain people in your life anymore.

Empecemos con mi drama (si, soy una exagerada.... y qué?? es MI blog)

De manera que me las arregle para que la persona A crea que me gusta la persona B y la persona B crea que me gusta la persona A....

Siendo sincera no se si realmente me gusta alguno :S

Genial, cierto?

Por Cierto, no puedo creer que alguien pueda ser lo suficientemente tonto para leer algo y no darse cuenta que es sobre el ¬¬ 
(Y aparentemente si voy a estar usando muchas caritas.... lo cual encuentro un poco preocupante.... por aquello de la influencia del msn en nuestra vida cotidiana....)

So I'm starting over right here :D

Porque me gusta cambiar las cosas de vez en cuando... 
Y me da miedo mi blog original :P
Y francamente estoy huyendo de mi blog... en realidad es como si cada blog que empiezo despues de un tiempo tuviera todos mis fantasmas, miedos, temores, ilusiones, y no es tan divertido como uno creería saberlos alli tan cerca....