miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

De quizas

Tal vez estoy cansada del drama.
Tal vez no creo que deba ser tan difícil.
Tal vez no debería serlo.
Tal vez debería ser sencillo.
Tal vez estoy cansada de ser malinterpretada.
Y  de tener que disculparme por ello.
Tal vez estoy cansada de tener que medir mis palabras porque podrían herirte.
Y de andar en puntas de pies para no molestarte.
Tal vez estoy cansada de tener temas vetados.
Y de pecar cada vez que traigo uno a colación.
Tal vez estoy cansada de jugar un juego en el que siempre pierdo.
Sin importar que sea amable, sarcástica, que mienta o que diga siempre la verdad.
Tal vez estoy cansada de tener que demostrarte una y otra vez que no tengo dobles intenciones.
Y de que querer es un verbo sin prerequisitos.
Tal vez estoy cansada de tomarme tantas molestias solo para permanecer en tu vida.
Tal vez esté luchando contra el destino al intentarlo.
Tal vez estoy cansada de pelear contigo.
Tal vez estoy cansada de ti.
Tal vez...

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

De navegar

[Aquí va la foto de nuestro barco y del mar multicolor que vamos a navegar.

Eventualmente lo terminaré.]

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

El problema de somatizar todo es que cuando sufres, te duele el doble. Pero cuando haces algo bien, tienes confirmación.

De tonterias mias

Lo maravilloso de no estar acostumbrada a las cosas pequeñas, es que cuando suceden, quieres gritar de alegría. A pesar de que también quieras gritar del dolor. Lo aprecias, como nadie podría imaginarlo. Lo aprecias porque te hace sentir perfectamente normal. Lo aprecias como el regalo que es.

About girls

"These are the kind of girls who hang dream catchers above their beds, who eat pomegranates and read old history books for fun. These are the kind of girls who take pictures of their hands with disposable cameras and wallpaper their bathrooms with pretty roses. These girls sketch eyes and mouths and little drawings all over things, they look you right in the eye and almost through you when you speak to them.

These girls camp out in their backyards for fun, they light candles everywhere and if you visit them at home they usually have all sorts of animals. Their wardrobes are filled with silk robes and bows and hats, they drink tall glasses of milk and snack on chocolate while they watch the sun rise. These are the kind of girls who ride bikes through the city to the cinema that plays old movies in the middle of the day. They watch “Breakfast At Tiffanys” or “Rosemarys Baby”.

These are the kind of girls who are quiet in public. They were the kind of girls who put too many marshmallows in their hot choclate, and when the snow came down, lit the fire, and pretended to be in the North Pole. They would water color things they couldn’t see, and eat French Toast for lunch. These girls were the kind of girls who always believe in unicorns, they believed in the power of love and dreams. They were the kind of girls who gazed out of windows at bigger worlds, and rain made them think of faeries and tree houses.

In the summer they read Jane Austen and listened to Fleetwood Mac while sipping hot tea. They told ghost stories under huge floral sheets, candles glowing below their faces. The spooky endings made them scream and laugh. They huddled together so they wouldn’t get too scared. These are the girls that didn’t need boys in their lives to achieve happiness."

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

About your heart

De sentimientos en promoción

Te extraño*

*Aplican condiciones y restricciones. El tamaño del sentimiento aquí publicado puede no corresponder con el real. Sentimiento valido del 28 de Junio 2012 al 3 de Julio 2012.

Te quiero*

*Aplican condiciones y restricciones. Sujeto a cambio sin previo aviso. Sentimiento ilustrativo, puede no coincidir con el real.

Te amo*

*Aplican condiciones y restricciones. No acumulable con otros sentimientos. Sujeto a disponibilidad.

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

About thinking

I think.
A lot.
I really shouldn't think so much because I always focus on the negative, I always think about the bad things, I always see the black in every shade of grey.
So I try not to think, I try really hard not to picture the worst case scenario, I try to distract myself thinking about everything else.
But I don't always succeed, and sometimes I end up hurting myself thinking the absolute worst, I think about every single thing I've ever done wrong, every single person I have ever hurt, and how I'm a terrible person that doesn't deserve anything, ever.
I'm also really good at feeling guilty (which is kind of a problem if you are ever mean to anyone) because I keep thinking "I could have done something" "I could have handled that better" "I should be a better person"
The truth is at the end of the day I'm all I have, me, with faults, mistakes, failures, troubles, flaws and damaged.
And somehow I've managed to become a better person than I once was, somehow I've learnt, somehow despite my flaws, mistakes and damages I have done a few good things, and maybe one day evil me won't win, maybe one day I'll have enough confidence in myself to not let anything hurt me, maybe one day I won't picture the worst case scenario just because I'll trust.
Maybe one day if you're lucky I'll trust you.
But tonight I'll settle for trust.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

About believing

Just close your eyes.
Try not to think.
Try not to pity yourself.
Try to stay strong.
Try not to cry.
Try not to hate.
Just try.
But above all believe that whatever the hell is happening now will either go away or work itself out.
Because being miserable doesn't last forever.
Because the tears will turn into a blurr, just like all the past ones have.
Because the pity will turn into pride, in a few days or months, there's no rush, there never is.
Because the weakness can only turn into fortitude.
Because the hate will vanish and if you are lucky turn into love, hope or something just as amazing.
Because despite all, despite everything, you are still you, you are still tough, you are still alive, waiting to take in whatever life wants to throw your way, whatever punches are still to come.
Just believe, because if you don't, then what's the point in breathing?
So breathe.
Because you can jump through every hoop, whatever life puts in your path, even if it means jumping the same hoop over and over and over again. Even if it hits you harder everytime, ignore the pain, the suffering, ignore the hole in your stomach, the ache in your body, the cold, ignore it because it will go away.
You can do it.
Just breath.

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Once Upon a Time Quote

“You ever walk into a situation where you know exactly what’s going to happen, and you go into it anyway? And when what you’re afraid of happens, you kick yourself because you should have known better, but that’s just who you are, so you keep punishing yourself.”

If it feels wrong then it probably is.
But if it feels right then there's a good chance it isn't.
So what's the point in trying?