viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

About believing

Just close your eyes.
Try not to think.
Try not to pity yourself.
Try to stay strong.
Try not to cry.
Try not to hate.
Just try.
But above all believe that whatever the hell is happening now will either go away or work itself out.
Because being miserable doesn't last forever.
Because the tears will turn into a blurr, just like all the past ones have.
Because the pity will turn into pride, in a few days or months, there's no rush, there never is.
Because the weakness can only turn into fortitude.
Because the hate will vanish and if you are lucky turn into love, hope or something just as amazing.
Because despite all, despite everything, you are still you, you are still tough, you are still alive, waiting to take in whatever life wants to throw your way, whatever punches are still to come.
Just believe, because if you don't, then what's the point in breathing?
So breathe.
Because you can jump through every hoop, whatever life puts in your path, even if it means jumping the same hoop over and over and over again. Even if it hits you harder everytime, ignore the pain, the suffering, ignore the hole in your stomach, the ache in your body, the cold, ignore it because it will go away.
You can do it.
Just breath.

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