domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Silly me

I know it's a silly, dumb question, I know that after a while, passion sort of ends, and I am aware that it's kind of a young, naive question, but yet here I am wondering, can there be love when there's no passion? when you can rationally say there's no point in being jelaous? when you can admit that you do not mind what the other person does because all you are going to get is an ulcer? well, yes you are going to get an ulcer from being too jealous, from being always wondering what is the other person doing, but come on, you can not possibly not be jelaous, you can trust the other person with your soul but come on! you can't control it! no one can possibly be that rational with someone they love, period, I believe that.
And yes I'm aware of how naive I'm sounding, but come on! at 20 you either have passion or you are not in love, I'm sorry.

(Maybe I'm being too girly girl, I mean after all we are the ones supposed to be controled by our emotions... but I believe that without passion there's no love)

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