viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Am I scared?

I feel like everyone has moved on but me... I feel I should, I just don't know how...
The truth is..... I'm scared.... I know I'm scared, don't know of what or why, why should I be scared? but I know that's it because there's no other reason, as simple as that... I know I'm not trapped in the past.... I'm just not sure where I am, am I in the present?
I hate facebook, I hate having to show you have a life, having to show every moment you have, nobody cares so why post pictures? I hate having to know from people I do not care at all... I don't know anything... as simple as that......
But the question remains...... Why am I scared? What scares me?
I think I am moving on I just don't know for sure..... I think it's like knowing when you're in love, if you are not sure, then the answer is no, right?
I'm screwed....

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