jueves, 20 de enero de 2011


I don't kiss and tell.
There's a lot of things you can say I do, but kissing and telling isn't one of them.

Yesterday I was told the understatement of the year, I'm "unconventional" which if you ask me was very nice, I would have used the word weird, strange, odd or peculiar, but I like unconventional, it's less insulting.

I'm cute, I'm not pretty, beautiful, hot or sexy, I'm cute, the same way a baby is cute, and a 5 year old is, I used to dream about being beautiful, I eventually realized I'd never be anything other than cute.

You don't know how you make me feel, and I don't mean the butterfly kind of feeling, I mean the what the heck, kind of feeling

Which brings to my last point, I know exactly what it means when I start hugging people. Which explains the what the heck feeling.

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