martes, 19 de enero de 2010


-So, feeling like running away already?
-Well, you know me, I'm always considering it
-You shouldn't
-shouldn't? I don't see why not, but that's the rule, no changing the address this time, isn't it?
-You make the rules, not me, I just annoy you =P
-Didn't miss you at all, when's your next vacation?
-Well that the thing, I don't take those, you see I really enjoy doing this
-Oh well, at least someone is...
-Come on! you like me, at least I don't tell you you're fat every day...
-Haha, love your sense of humor... And it wasn't everyday
-Oh please, there were like what, 5 people? trust me you heard it at least once a day
-I'm going to ignore you now
-You missed me and you do like me better, you were happy. See? that's the kind of thing you can't hide from me
-I liked the silence... but I guess you are right, you are better than the alternatives...

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