domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

Me =)

I had never thought about this but, do you ever wonder what do people think of you when they meet you? I know that physically speaking I'm pretty average, mi size is average, I'm not too tall nor too small, my hair is average, is not straight but it's not curly either and the color... also average, not blonde, not black, it's brown, I'm a little bit more pale than any healthy human being but besides that I'm you regular girl, so I wonder what do people think of me when they know me? I know for a fact that some have thought I think I'm better than the others, but I'm just quiet, too quiet for my own good but whatever, anyway, what do people think?
I don't really judge people when I meet them because the truth is that usually the people I meet I won't be seeing again =) they are usually someone else's friend, I do try to think if I've heard about them before and try to remember if the other person has mention them, that's it, I'm a terrible narcisistic (How the F do you spell that?) person, but we all know that, don't we? =)

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