jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009


I'm not what you'd call a big christmas fan, but all things considered I enjoy spending time with my family, but here's the thing, christmas is not fun when you have to be responsible, when you are no longer on the side that gets the presents but rather on the side that buys the presents and makes sure christmas happens... because I have to deal with wrappings and cooking and I can't just do nothing.... which is what I like because I don't mind not getting any presents I mind it not being reciprocal... yep... I'm still selfish =) oh well, I'll try to improve that next year

Hablando de algo totalmente distinto, me he dado cuenta de que soy una persona desconfiada por naturaleza =) particularmente con los cumplidos, hummm creo que tengo que aprender a aceptarlos sin recelos... algo más para mejorar el próximo año =)

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