domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


So make-up and I have a weird story, which actually means I am a weird person who has a problem with make up =)
By a problem I mean that I have a weird opinion of it
(Yes, I am aware of how crazy I sound and yes, I have been told that it is not true... don't care that's how I feel)
I feel like wearing a mask, every time I wear make up I feel like I'm lying and deceiving, like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not, so I don't wear it because I hide enough, I hide in my craziness and in my normality, in my half life in both places, I hide behind my friends, and from my friends, so, yeah, I don't need to hide my physical appearance behind a mask, I refuse to make myself look prettier because I'd be lying.
Off course there is also the I was born this way argument and God doesn't make mistakes... But I don't really believe that, if I did I wouldn't believe in clothes either =)
Yep, I have a serious trouble with make-up

I also have a serious problem with sleeping and late hours =)

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