lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

I'm done

You're done?
I've heard that before, one too many times, you're never done, it's almost as if you couldn't help yourself, you're unable to say no, so never is one of those words you feel guilty using.
Being done with a person, a fight, an attitude or whatever you chose this time is not permanent, it never is, it's just for a while, whatever time it takes for you to get over your anger...
This one time you should stick with it, this one time, no explanations, no goodbyes, just stop, no excuses, no taking back, no second guesses, no guilt, just like that, the same way it started, just leave, for once don't leave it to fate or to destiny, choose, take the anger, the nausea, the pain, take it all and do it, no regrets.
No one escapes destiny (if greek tragedies are to be believed), so choose, knowing that every decision you make will only take you one step closer to whatever is going to happen.
For once, be tough, be mean, be fearless, this once, you choose.

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